No time to explain, grandpa needs level 100! All you have to do is to point him the right direction and pick the right stats. Let the grind begin!

Controls: press and hold mouse button or space. Let go to send grandpa fight monsters. Press on + signs to level up attributes.

Game made for ScoreSpace Jam. Theme: Direction

Scores are only offline unfortunately.

Art pack by Pixel_Poem (
Font: Early GameBoy by Jimmy Campbell
Music: Spooky Dungeon by Memoraphile @ You're Perfect Studio
Sound FX:

I modified some of the art assets in art pack, so if any of the assets don't look good, that's probably me.


Download 18 MB
grandpa.apk 18 MB


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Cool minigame. Completed with joy

Really fun, took me a while to find out the mechanics and how the game worked but i really loved the time trial

really fun i thought it was boring and went to comment but read alex robbins post about the store and i didnt see a store before so thats what brought me back to the game. 

Really fun! Love how you were able to integrate the shop easily into the gameplay, instead of it being a separate menu!

The Gameplay alone is amazing but the way you implemented the time trial feature is brilliant

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Thanks. Appreciate it!

No high scores appear for me except for my own. Great game though!

Thanks. High scores are only offline unfortunately. Will make online ones post jam

Cant wait! do you have a discord server for the game?

I would suggest if you die and then run into a health potion you should come back to life. I did something like this in my submission and it was a lot of fun.


Thanks, cool suggestion. I'll experiment with it post jam.